Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Game of Life

I introduced the Game of Life to the ladies this weekend. Once they got a hold of how it works, they were totally into it. They had to make some serious 'life' decisions like buying insurance, investing in stock, and deciding on their careers. They said NO! to drugs, went on vacations, met with the in-laws, ran for mayor, and had grandchildren. They had some highs, like winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and some lows, like going through a mid-life crisis and having to give up their elusive careers and pay checks. At the end, they all managed to retired with millions of dollars in their hands. Not too shabby.

Kelvin and I have introduced board games into our office. Kelvin bought some plastic chairs and a table that sits outside and he invited any one to come play the few games we have. We have already had lots of people interested and are looking forward to building more friendships over some good ol' board games!

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