Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's hear it for the boys

Since I was doing my girls camp, Kelvin decided to finally put together the under 15 boys tournament he had been wanting to do for months now. Once he got the go ahead from me (cause he has to consult his wife ;0) he went right to it inviting teams, buying trophies, meeting with coaches, etc. 

A small glimpse into how it went: 

 For the final match, we marched with the two teams, the supporters, and a couple of guys playing some drums from our office. It was cool. In true Kongowea fashion, everyone came out to see what all the fuss was about. Then they probably went back to their houses and gossiped about it the rest of the day.

 Um love the kid in the superman outfit.

 Kelvin towers over the kids. It's rare for Kelvin to tower over anything.

 Kelvin and his committee?

 I didn't realize how big of a deal trophies are around here. I actually got upset at Kelvin because he spent so much money just on trophies. Now I realize how much they mean to people and why he really wanted these teams to have them. This kid was enthralled with them!

 I think I enjoyed all the little kids who came out to watch the most. When a goal was scored, they would all run out to the field dancing and screaming...

...and then they would run back once someone came after them with a stick to get them off the field so the game could resume. 

Can someone tell me what kind of hat that is? 

At the end, some of the older men gave some advice/encouragement to all the players. 

The winning team! It was a really exciting match. They are actually the team from our pitch. They play on a small dirt patch beside our pitch. The next Rehma boys? 

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