Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Stats

Ok, this is kind of a quirky post.

On blogger (this blogging site I use), you can see your stats. These stats are of how many people have looked at your blog, which country they are from, which browser they use, how they connect to the blog, and what words they search to get to my blog.

I like checking on my stats every couple of days just to see who is checking me out.

One of the most comical things for me is what people search on the internet which leads them to me. Some people just search "nikole macgregor" or "moving with compassion". A lot of people search words like 'compassion' 'africa' 'mombasa' etc. But can I tell you the one thing people search A LOT which totally makes me giggle?


Really people? You actually search on how to pray away bed bugs? It is one of the top 10 most popular things people search to get to my blog. It is also one of my top read posts.

I did write this post when I thought I was struggling with bed bugs. I eventually realized they weren't really bed bugs but a type of ant that roams around and leaves itchy welts on your body. I still get them today and I have switched mattresses and even houses.

At least it is getting people to read my blog. I hope they read another post on my blog to realize that my life consists about more than praying for bed bugs.

Oh, the internet!

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  1. hahah, this is hilarious! I totally understand how funny looking at those stats are. My brother wrote a post on facial hair for my blog, and you have NO idea how many ppl find my blog by searching about facial hair....hahahha! too funny!