Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mombasa's Seasons

Mombasa has three seasons, according to me, and this is how I have classified them:

The warm and dryish season. 
The hot and humid season. 
The painfully hot and soaking in sweat season. 

Currently, we are entering the hot and humid season. The warm and dryish season has ended. It usually lasts about 4ish months during our summer months. This hot and humid season will last till about February where we will enter the painfully hot and soaking in sweat season. Thankfully, that lasts about 2 or three months and then we slowly transition through the hot and humid season and then back to the warm and dryish season.

So what does hot and humid really mean? It means that:

  • I still need to heat water for a bucket bath. Its just a tad too chilly to bath in cold water. 
  • I sweat when I cook but at least drops of sweat don't end up in the food. 
  • I can wear clothes twice before they smell too bad. In the painfully hot season, you can't even wear them for half a day before having to change and wash them. 
  • Sometimes, I can wear pants at night and feel comfortable. 
  • If the power goes out at night, I won't wake up because the fan turned off. 
  • The fan stays on low. At times, we even turn it off. 
  • If I walk outside for more than 10 mins, I start sweating profusely. 
  • My shoulders often get a nice sweaty rub when I get in squishy matatus and the people next to me have sweaty armpits. 
  • At about 4am,  I pull a sheet over me. 
  • Half my fridge is full of bottles of cold water. 

One things I do love about all the seasons in Mombasa is that the sun is always shining!!!!! We get very few days of clouds, rain, or overcast. It also makes for some pretty incredible sunsets!!


  1. okay, reading this as someone who lives in Olympia, Washington where it seems to always be cold and rainy and cloudy.....I can't imagine it never being cold, rainy, or cloudy! I want to go there!

  2. Its nice for the most part. But sometimes I crave goosebumps. There are days its just way too hot!