Friday, October 5, 2012

Too much fun

Do you ever have those times where you are seriously having too much fun? You are totally free to laugh, make jokes, smile, and be all round joyful. You don't want that time to end but you want the fun to just keep going. Your cheeks start hurting from smiling so much. 

That's what I had yesterday with my two crazy, lovely, amazing neighbours - Miss Ndela and Miss Eddah. 

They called and invited me to go swimming with them (for free I might add). We frolicked in the water till our fingers turned into prunes. Then we were treated to a yummy cup of chai and some nice pastries. We sat, dripping wet, giggling over pretty much everything.  We poke fun at each other and our life situations - me-a white kenyan wife who is trying to blend into this culture as much as I can, Eddah-a fashion designer who is addicted to sugar, and Ndela-a famous Kenyan musician who constantly gets picked on for her marital status. Makes for some good fun I tell you. 

After that, we changed and started making our way home. We LAUGHED all the way home while dancing to our favourite Kenyan gospel song in the middle of the road. We belly laughed when we got in the matatu and I am sure people thought we were absolutely nuts. Then we stood across the street from my apartment, not really wanting to part ways and end our fun. I had to get going and start cooking for Kelvin so we said our goodbyes. 

I came into the house so incredibly grateful for two awesome friends in a place where I am different, I don't quite fit in, I don't quite 'get' everything. Words can't express how grateful I am to God who has blessed me with awesome friends.  

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