Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Time to Move??

I got a call from Kelvin's sister on Monday night asking if I was ok. "Why?" I asked. She told me she had heard from one of her friends that there were gunshots at the bar downstairs. I reassured her that all was fine and I didn't think that was true. I am pretty sure I would have heard gunshots if they happened.  We hung up and I popped my head out the door to see if there was any commotion. I could only hear the normal sounds of dance music and people chattering.

I told Kelvin when he got home and he kind of just shrugged it off. He didn't think anything happened either.

However, yesterday Kelvin asked the watchman downstairs if it was true. He said that it was indeed true.

From what we understand, three armed robbers entered the internet cafe downstairs targeting one man in particular. They stole all his money (he had around $300 on him), his phone, and his car keys. This guy is the owner of the barber shop next door. Once they had all that, they fled. It was obviously an inside job of  some sort as they didn't target anything else in the shop and they didn't harm anyone. No shots were fired.

Meanwhile, I was sitting upstairs cooking supper and waiting for Kelvin to come home. Didn't hear a thing.

Slowly, more details are emerging. Apparently it is even mentioned in todays national newspaper. This man must have done something to tick someone off. We have heard about his lifestyle of many women, including several white women, along with a wife abroad and several mistresses. It almost seems he dug himself into this deep hole of scandals and lies. They are assuming its one of his many women taking revenge.

We are also learning that he is not the only man living this lifestyle who works in our building. A few others are into some shady stuff with many women.

My heart breaks at the total disregard of the sanctity of marriage, relationships, love, sex, etc.

Anyways,  Kelvin and I are thinking (and have been thinking - its not just about this incident) about moving now. Please pray with us as we search for the right place.

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