Monday, October 1, 2012

All Afro Glam'd up!

Just so you all know, we actually live somewhat luxuriously here in Kenya. You might think we suffer without Reese's Peanut Butter cups, but there is plenty of lovely things to go around for us. When people ask about our life here, I tell them what they want to hear  - like bathing in a bucket, eating rice and beans, dirt and poverty- but then I mention that there are high end coffee shops and 2 for 1 pizza deals. As well as most of our friends are pretty awesome people - graphic designers, radio dj's, fashion designers, famous musicians, nurses, hotel managers, etc. 

I have an amazing community here. I was telling Kelvin the other day that some of the greatest friends I have ever had are the ones I have right now. Most of them are kenyans too. And not that people from different nationalities can't be friends but, lets be honest, sometimes it's easier to have close friendships with people like you. I am forever in awe of the deep, encouraging, edifying, loving and sacrificial friendships I have in Mombasa. 

So why this rant? Well, we got all fancied up on Saturday and went for an 'Afro Glam' dinner with some of our best buds. It was a hoot! Good company, good program, good FOOD! 

 Kelvin and I were severely humbled when they decided to give us a small award for what we do. We got the 'Love' award for our work in Kongowea. We were both so humbled that our peers admired what we do and wanted to recognize us for it. 
 I was thankful that both our names were on it. Because we are partners, a team, a duo. Thankful that we can be used in our marriage. 

One of my favourite women ever, Maria! I can't begin to tell you how many laughs (and sometimes cries) we've had together as we walk through life, marriage, faith, and everything in between. 

Eddah is my personal fashion designer. How many of YOU have fashion designers? Told you we know how to live it up here! Ha, just kidding. Eddah was so insistent that we come to this dinner (we weren't going to go at first) that she offered to make me an outfit for free! I jumped at it (come on, who doesn't like free stuff?) only to realize that she knew we were getting this award and really wanted us to come to accept it. 

Yes, there was a red carpet. Like our outfits? Kelvin's cute bow tie matches my dress. oh how kenyan I've become.

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  1. This is AMAZING Nikole! How incredible that God has blessed and honored you through your community! I love it girl:) you are making such a difference where you are! love Katie