Saturday, October 13, 2012

...Or Not

We didn't end up going to Kipkaren like I had ranted about in my previous post.

Stuff got in the way and we ended up missing our bus on Monday night. Yes, I was pretty disappointed but sometimes life gets in the way like that.

We had a tough couple of days. A lot of figuring out of messy and disheartening situations. We decide that, since we had already planned to be away and handed over most of our duties for the week, we would just hang out for the rest of the week.

It. was. pure. bliss.

We turned off our phones (not on purpose but because they broke or got lost - part of our crazy couple days) and just hung out...together...with no plot, nothing on our plates, no demands. We ate yummy food, watched countless movies, talked for hours, and prayed and discussed what God was teaching us.  We were free to be us and kind of forgot there was a whole world outside. It rained!!! And not just drizzled, but poured and it was oh-so refreshing!! ( I realized that Mombasa maybe gets like 30 days of rain a year- mostly just drizzling). To get some goosebumps was amazing! Last night the power went out so we got to light some candles, enjoy the sound of the froggies singing melodies, and just be.

I was almost in tears because I was so thankful for my husband and this time together. Marriage is a lot of work and isn't always easy so when I get a few days of bliss with my husband, I am so so so grateful.

My prayer is that you too can find some time to truly, thoroughly enjoy your loved ones.

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