Saturday, June 5, 2010

Delivery Van

This morning I went to the kitchen to go find some breakfast. Here at Word of Life, we have a chef who cooks us all our meals. Usually by 7:30am the tea is made and the bread, blueband (margarine) and jam is out for us to eat. So this morning I went down around 8:30 to have my breakfast when I got there, I realized that breakfast had yet to be prepared. I looked around for our chef and realized that he had taken the van and gone out early in the morning. I was thinking to myself, "Where would he have gone and not made us breakfast before he left?" So I puttered around the kitchen until the chef returned.

Once he returned, he started preparing the tea. He apologized for being late and proceeded to tell me about his morning.

"Yes, I got a call early this morning from Nyae (our maintenance man) saying that his wife was going into labour. So I had to take her to the hospital but once we reached the hospital there was no doctors or nurses that had arrived yet. Well, the baby didn't want to wait for the doctors to arrive and decided to come out in the van."

"You mean Mrs. Nyae gave birth in the van?"

"Yup, I was there holding the baby as he came out. I even cut the umbilical cord with a razor blade I had."

"You watched it?"

"Why yes, what if something wasn't right with the way the baby was coming out? I had to stand there like this (he crouched down as if he was receiving a football) in order to catch the baby's head."

"Wow, quite the morning."

"Yes. Sorry breakfast was late."

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