Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hippo in the pit latrine

I love Kenyan news.

Ok, I love the news that is NOT politics (which is usually what 75% of the news is here). The rest of it is always interesting to read because it is things that just don't happen back in the West. In today's newspaper, they had an entire article on male antelopes and their jealousy when other male antelopes come near their ladies. They can sense when another man is trying to steal their woman. Then a few weeks ago, I read an article about a young boy who decided to chop off his own genitals. When asked why he did it, he answered, "Because it was causing me problems." I guess he was having some sexual affairs that we causing problems in his family so he decided to get rid of the source of the problem. He said after he cut off his genitals, he threw it in the trash.

But today I read the best (I mean most insane story)  I have ever read about in Kenya. Last night as we were watching the news, a story came on about a hippo that had fallen into a pit latrine (outhouse toilet). It was a shock to most people because hippos were very rare in this village. Crowds of people gathered around to see this huge sight in the pit latrine. Today, I read in a follow up story that the villagers couldn't get the hippo out of the pit latrine so the Wildlife Services had to come shoot it. Once it was dead, villagers started to come and cut off chunks off meat from the hippo that was STILL in the pit latrine (as in covered in faeces) and ATE IT! YUCK! Ok, they cooked it first but still. They ate it. They ate hippo meat that had been marinated in human waste. Part of me feels sad as I am sure some people did it because they were desperate but my hunch is that people did it out of pure stupidity. Even if I was starving, I don't think I would eat that meat. But thank Jesus that I have never been starving before.

So there is just a small dose of Kenyan news. I will share more as I find more interesting/insane stories. Thanks for tuning in!

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