Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today we drove up and down and over many hills to get to a school that we wanted to invite to come to an event we are having in a few weeks. It just happened to be the coldest, wettest day of the year here in Mombasa. It was pouring with rain which made the dirt roads turn into mud. With the insane amount of rain, the roads became as slippery as ice. The vehicle we have is great for shuttling many people around but not so great when it comes to 4x4ing in the mud. We got stuck more times than I can count. We didn't have enough power to get up the steep, slippery hills so we fish tailed all the way up.  With only 5 of us in the car (and none of us being car experts or beefy muscle men), we struggled to get our van up and over the countless hills. We had to get out of the van, skate our way through the mud to the back of the vehicle and push as if we were women giving birth. The tires spun round and round spitting mud on our clothes. Once we got the car moving, we would run to catch up to the van. As soon as we all got into the van, we erupted into laughter at the sheer absurdity of what we were doing. It was a hoot! 

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