Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hong Kong meets Canada in Kenya!

Meet my good friends the Chan family. We met at the end of 2008 at a conference we both attended. They spent Christmas with us in 2008 and helped us host a big party for all our friends. We quickly became close friends and have been in touch every since. Their 3 children are such a delight to be around.We have spent many afternoons playing intense games of boggle. Levi, their oldest son, always beats us with words that we have never heard before.  They are from Hong Kong and have come to work in Kenya teaching kids english. Considering english is their 2nd language, after cantonese, its pretty impressive that they are teaching children who speak an incredibly difficult language (which they also are learning) to speak english. Did you follow that? In short, they are amazing. They have humbled themselves in order to show people the love of Christ.

I am blessed to know them and be apart of their beautiful family.

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