Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sad day for Kenya

There seems to be too many sad days in Kenya.

Sunday was another one.

Kenya has just rewritten their constitution. They have the proposed draft out  for the public and the voting will be at the beginning of August.

This constitution has been no end of controversy. It comes up in every conversation. Copies of the draft are found everywhere. People will spend hours debating the fine details of the proposed draft. There are a couple of issues that are causing great conflicts especially between the church and the government.

1) Abortion is becoming legal in Kenya. The constitution allows for abortion although it has to be approved by a doctor on certain terms and conditions.

2) This constitution gives way for a more Islamic influence in the country. It's a big issue as Kenya has been founded on Christian values. But Islam is growing and they are demanding their rights.

These two issues in particular are huge sources of controversy. It's a bit difficult for me. I have grown up in a country where abortion has always been legal and where religion is separate from the state always. I think many Kenyans believe that life will not move on if this constitution is voted in. It's life life will end as we know it.

So on sunday, a big "NO" rally was held at a local park in Nairobi. Thousands of people came out to show their support against the constitution. Church leaders lead the rally making speeches and prayers. The rally was closing and as the final prayer was being prayed, an explosion occurred.

People raced around not knowing what had happened but seeing smoke and hearing people yelling. The place turned into chaos. The last I heard, 6 people were counted dead and over 70 were injured.

I don't quite know what to think. It's sad. It's sad that such extreme action is being taken which is costing people their lives. Christ needs to capture our hearts. Christ is the solid rock on which we stand. Even if abortion becomes legal, a person rooted in Christ wouldn't even think about it. Even if Islam is growing and becoming powerful, Christ still dwells in our hearts and that can't change.

Pray for Kenya. Things only seem to be getting more tense as the days go by.

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