Saturday, February 26, 2011

Small Getaway

I am writing this blog post from a small cyber cafe in Eldoret town as I wait for my ride to Ilula. I think I have spent more time traveling in the last week than I have staying put.

I am still struggling. Culture shock, homesickness, uncertainty, big decisions, whatever it is, is taking a toll on me. I needed some time to just get away, relax, get my head in order and seek God big time. So I left Mombasa and came to my little piece of heaven on earther, Ilula. I am not sure how long I will stay but I look forward to seeing all those beautiful children, sitting and talking with my Kenyan family, and having some good one on one with God.

I am asking for your prayers. Pray for my time here in Eldoret that I would get some focus and direction. Pray that I would have the perseverance to move on and the boldness to make some big decisions if need be. Pray that in all this, I would draw closer to my King and know Him more. Just keep praying.

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