Friday, March 4, 2011

Truth FM

My friend, James, and I went to bible school last year. I was able to watch him 'work out his faith with fear and trembling' I guess. He came needing a break from university life and his faith grew in incredible measures. Now every time I meet him, he is always encouraging me and telling me of how God has been good to him. 

A few months after we graduated he was offered a position at a local christian radio station to do a two hour show  in the evenings with his cousin. I have to admit that I had never heard of the radio station before but thought it was a pretty neat gig. I was in Nairobi for a few hours on my way home from Eldoret  so I called him up and he invited me along with him. It was a neat experience. I have never been in a radio station before (I am sure stations in the west work a little differently) but it was fun to see how it all worked. I got to pick out a lot of the music to be played and gave him some ideas for some upcoming shows. He asked me to speak on air but I wasn't quite ready for that so I said that maybe next time I'm in Nairobi, I will consider it. 

He has a great  radio voice. He spent 6 years in the US when he was younger so he has a very american accent and really fluent english. It works well for radio. 

A friend of his came in to tell his testimony so they talked together on air. 

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