Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 days of craziness, 3 months of waiting

This week has been overwhelming, to say the least.

After finding out that the visa application needed to be in by this friday, we spent the last 3 days getting everything we need. Some things were easy to get, but some things proved to be a bit more difficult.

Kelvin was planning to travel Thursday night and arrive Friday morning at the High Commission. However, we ended up coming across a paper that said that the only hours the High Commission is open to the public are Thursday mornings from 8-10.

We kicked our butts into high gear Wednesday afternoon in order to get everything together.

I got a little pushy and snappy at Kelvin (who insisted on stopping to chat to everyone we would pass in the streets even when shops were about to close and we still had tons to do.) Kelvin kept trying to get me to chill out but I kept reminding him that if I wasn't so pushy, we wouldn't have got it all done in time.

Finally we had all the papers in order by 5pm on Wednesday night. It was such a relief. We forgave each other for the way we treated each other over the past 3 days of intense pressure.

 Kelvin left on the bus last night and arrived in Nairobi this morning. He scurried up to the embassy to hand in his application.

He was told he will know in 3 months.

So we had a hectic 3 days and now we are waiting for 3 months.

Kelvin is now back on the bus coming home. He will arrive tonight. I will be so excited to see him.

Pray for us as we wait. Pray that we would find favour in the eyes of the immigration officers. Pray that our papers would be clear and concise and, if we missed something or messed up on something, that God would give us grace (not only did we have to rush to get everything, we had to make sure that everything was filled out properly as one small mistake can lead to immediate refusal).

Pray that God's will would be done.

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