Monday, June 6, 2011

Beach Bums lookin' for a visa to Canada

We had a friend come visit for a few days who was adamant about going to the beach. He just loves the everything about the beach. For us, the beach is no big deal. We live here and see it daily. Although, I guess I should take advantage of it more often. A lot of people would kill to live where we live. Anyways, while our friend frolicked in the waves, we relaxed in the shade. We napped, ate, chatted, and laughed till my cheeks were hurting. Have I mentioned how much I adore this man??!?!?

We got news last week that Kelvin was awarded a one year scholarship to the college in my hometown! We had been waiting for this news for a few months and were elated when it was all finalized. Although, this is only the first step. And it just gets harder from here. 

Study permit. Canadian Immigration. Ugh....

Canada is NOT an easy country to get into (which is rather ironic because we are the most multi-cultural country.)

As I was researching all that needs to be done for the application, I found out that if Kelvin expects to be in school in September, the entire application needs to be in by THIS friday! 

I went into Visa mode. 

There is no way we can get the original documents that we need from Canada here on time (plus Canada post is threatening to strike - good timing) so we have to resort to printing scanned documents. 

We have a lot of documents that need to be compiled here in Kenya including some letters that we need to get from family, friends, people of authority, etc. We have a paper that needs to be signed by Kelvin's mom so it is on it's way to the village tonight. She will sign it and put it on a bus tomorrow and it will arrive on Wednesday morning. 

On top of all this, my internet is acting up. I went to the shop to see what was wrong. I thought they fixed it until I got home and it still didn't connect. I almost threw it at the wall and cried like a baby because I was so frustrated. Good thing Kelvin is a little more level-headed than I am. 

And you know when you are just a little edgy because a few things go wrong, then every little thing just seems like a huge obstacle? Yah, thats how my morning was. 

I was on the verge of tears when I finally sat down at 3pm. I decided that I just needed some time to connect with my King. I needed to relax my mind, lay aside all these things that seem so huge (but really aren't) and worship God. So I turned on my itunes and belted out songs of worship. I am pretty sure the neighbours walking by thought I was nutso. Or maybe not. Maybe they were blessed by the music. It didn't matter because I got to meet with my first Love. As I began to sing, peace consumed me. I was overwhelmed to tears. A smile came across my face. I opened my bible to Psalm 20 and read of God's strength and faithfulness. Some put their trust in chariots (or visa applications) and some put their trust in horses (or Canadian immigration) But I choose to put my trust in God! 

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