Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dreamin' of Summa

Yesterday, Kelvin and I were sitting on the couch in silence watching TV. I guess the program wasn't interesting enough to keep my attention, so I let my mind wander. 

I started dreaming about the delicious summers in the Kootenays (thats the area I grew up in). 

A girlfriend and I decide to go out for a coffee and sandwich at a cute little joint in town. I park my zippy little white echo on the side of the quiet street. My hit-of-the-summer song (I always have one) shuts off as I turn off the ignition and pull my keys out. I toss the keys in my stylin' summer bag and step out of the car. My friend and I cross the street and enter into the quaint little bagel shop. The  sun shines down on us giving us the perfect amount of heat. I am not sweating nor do I have goosebumps.

As we enter the shop, the first thing I notice is that no one is staring at me (which is never the case in Mombasa) and that everything is so clean (which is also never the case in Mombasa). The girl at the counter greets us with a perky smile and asks what we want. She patiently waits for us to decide and the tells us that it will take only a few minutes. The great customer service is refreshing (I will write a post on how backwards customer service is in Kenya one day). My friend and I chose a seat by the window and begin to catch up. The meal arrives a few minutes later while we are already in deep conversation.

My plate is pretty much spotless after almost 2 hours of chatting with my dear friend. So refreshing, I keep thinking. So refreshing to be in the warm (not sweltering) sun, to be treated as normal, to have an amazing chat with an awesome friend who has an accent I can actually understand, to eat good and tasty food, to be able to drive in sane traffic and listen to my favourite tunes, to be wearing short shorts and a tanks top exposing my arms and maybe a bit of cleavage. Ahhhhh, I miss summer at home. 

Just as I am in the middle of my day dream, Kelvin interrupts me and says, 'I really want to Canada.'
Shocked that he was dreaming of Canada, I looked at him and said, "Me too. Me too."

My brother teasing me one summer as he purposefully threw a gigantic rock in the water right next to me. Yes, it created a huge splash and soaked me. Ah, I love summer. And my brother too I guess. 

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