Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ziploc Bags and Honey Bears

I was shocked to see a hole in my precious Ziploc bag. I went through all the different rodents that could have done this. I was wondering why they would possibly want my detergent? That makes no sense. I thought they liked things that taste good, not things that will foam in their bellies. 

And then it clicked. 

A few days ago we had someone come and wash our clothes. The man was confused when he couldn't find the soap in the original package so he picked up my Ziploc and asked me, "Soap?" I nodded and he went to work. 

I guess he couldn't figure out how to open the Ziploc bag so he resorted to poking a hole in the side and pouring it out. 

I have to admit I got a little fussy because I make a point to bring Ziploc bags from home because you just can't find the same quality here. 

I had another Ziploc incident with Kelvin the other day. I told him that there is some leftovers in the Ziploc container in his fridge that he can have for lunch. 

"Ziploc? Is there a key?" 

Ha, I almost burst out laughing right there. It's one of those cultural things that just totally pass you by until it comes up. 

In other news, I was absolutely delighted to find this honey in a bear squeeze bottle at the supermarket today! It put an instant smile on my face. My smile almost doubled when I realized it is actually cheaper than the honey in a screw top container. 

It was the first thing that I showed Kelvin when I got home. He didn't understand my excitement. But its ok. It warmed my heart. 

I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow morning with my new honey bear!

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