Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Farewell Germans

I meet a lot of foreigners here in Kenya. Many people come and go, come and go. We spent time together, eat meals together, talk, do fun things, and in the end become good friends. But at some point, we must part ways back to our homes. It's the sad part about living here in Kenya. Half of my facebook friends are people who I have created a relationship here in Kenya and haven't seen since. Last night was another farewell to two loveable German boys who have been in Kenya since September. The great thing about people is the farewell party! It's an excuse for making pizza! 
Jonathan loves our cooking. I think he was starting to get fed up with the kenyan food. He was looking forward to getting back to his beloved Nutella in Germany.

Mr. Joshua is always making noise. He's a rowdy character.

Genrich has almost convinced me to cheer for Germany in the World Cup. I am still leaning towards Spain though. The big night is tonight when the two will battle it out on the field. 

We drove them into town, had our last cup of chai together and then dropped them at the bus stop. So long, farewell our dear German brothers. 

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