Thursday, July 15, 2010

Go Go Go...Stop

I am sitting in my office staring at my computer wondering what to do. My lifestyle is sort of a GO GO GO....STOP type lifestyle. There are days where I am busy from 7:30am till 9:30pm. Then there are days that I wake up and have nothing to do. Today is one of those. Yesterday, was a busy day planning for our upcoming events and visiting a school in the afternoon. Today, no plans. Slept in a little, chatted to some friends on facebook, talked with some of my co-workers while drinking a cup of coffee. I have decided to catch up on emails, write a blog entry, and perhaps go swimming in the afternoon.

I really hate being idle. I try to keep myself busy. Idleness has forced a lot of kenyans to become 'vidiots' aka video idiots. Some Kenyans can sit and watch movies all day long and feel like they have accomplished something. A friend of mine admitted that he is addicted to watching movies. You see, here in Kenya, movies are cheap and in abundance. But it's all illegal. They are all copyrighted. The quality is terrible but you can buy a DVD with 6 movies on it for less than $2. And some of these movies haven't even come out in theatres yet. I try to avoid those as much as possible and I don't dare put one of those DVD's in my computer. I don't know how my precious computer would react to such a thing.

I guess I should enjoy this day as I know that come Sunday, the GO GO GO starts again for the next few weeks. I think I need more friends.

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