Monday, July 26, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good....

This weekend was extra special cause some of my best friends from my bible school in Nairobi came down to attend the seminar. I haven't seen most of them since the end of May so it was an absolute DELIGHT to have them around this weekend.
They left Nairobi at 3am so when I met them for lunch at 2pm, they were half asleep.

PETER! We are still best of friends. I adore this young man. Since the end of bible school, he has started to run bible clubs and a few schools. He has also been accepted to go to Bible School in the UK on a full scholarship!!! I am beyond proud of him.

This was by far the most beautiful moment of my weekend. The guys from Nairobi had played football on our pitch that is right on the ocean. Afterwards, they decided to go for a dip in the water as the moon was shining high in the sky. The tide was low so they could walk far out (and many of them can't swim so there was no danger of them drowning in water that was only a few inches deep.) I listened from the shore as they giggled and splashed in the water. They were so happy. It warmed my heart. 

I missed laughing with Robert. He always knew how to make everyone laugh. He did the best impressions of people. He also will be going to the UK for bible school next year!

Thank you God for bringing my wonderful friends to Mombasa this weekend! 

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