Monday, July 5, 2010

Fort Jesus

There's a lot of history in Mombasa. It was a port that people first came to and there were slaves and Indians and Arabs and ships and spices and stuff. I am not so great with the whole history thing. I don't care so much. Never did care so much about history. Doesn't interest me at all. It's probably the reason I have never gone to Fort Jesus. It's a very popular tourist spot in Mombasa. It's this big castle like structure right on the water. Like I said, it involves slaves and ships and the Portuguese and other stuff. What I love most about it is that it is located right on the ocean. It's cool and breezy. And in the evenings, young boys come and play football on the small, dirt pitch in the back. On friday, I had some time to kill and a couple friends from Norway who wanted to see the city so we spent some time enjoying Fort Jesus from outside the walls. 

This is me and Solveij with Fort Jesus behind us. Right behind us is the football pitch that comes alive in the evenings. 

To one side, you can see Nyali, a rich, high-end part of town.

And to the other side you get to see the great Indian Ocean. If you look hard, you can see a ship coming into Mombasa. It's fun to watch the big ships come into the port. I always wonder if there are any pirates on them. Haha. Most of the ships that are attacked by Som@li pir@tes come into Mombasa. Rarely are there actually pirates on it.

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