Monday, July 5, 2010


Tis the season of rallies. We are invited to about 5 rallies every weekend. We decided to be apart of yet another rally on Sunday at WAA girls secondary school. We were in charge of the program, worship, sound and music, speakers, MC's and so on. It was a long, tiring but fun day. 

Remember Rahab? Yes, we are still best of friends. We work together here in Mombasa. We are no longer roommates, but now we are neighbours. It's nice to have a good friend around. 

Rallies are often a time for same sex schools to mingle with other schools of the opposite sex. We had this boy come to do a presentation and the girls went wild. They were up dancing and singing along screaming at this young gent. I was laughing. I don't understand what its like to be in a same sex school as I schooled with boys my whole life. I can imagine though. 

This is Mr. Joshua. He is on our ministry team. He preached to the students an amazing message from Hebrews 10.

Ok this wasn't the rally but I am trying to take at least one picture a day so I can remember my days. On weekends, I like to go into to town to stay with friends and we always enjoy a nice breakfast. Most days I eat bread and tea for breakfast so I like to treat myself to something different. This morning we had coffee, sausages, eggs, bananas, and mahambri (a local doughnut type food made with sweet coconut milk). Yummy yummy!

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