Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ACK Cathedral

Just wanted to show you where I fellowship most Sundays. It is a large Anglican Church in the middle of town. It is actually mistaken for a mosque most times. Maybe they built it that way because most of the buildings in the area are very arabic style housing. I don't know though. It is an Anglican Church which is interesting. I would never really consider going to an Anglican Church in Canada as I grew up in non-denominationl/pentecostal churches. However, here in Kenya an Anglican Church service looks very similar to a Baptist church in Canada. A pentecostal church in Kenya is indescribable and I can't even begin to tell you about the churches that have created their own denominations many of them focusing on healing, deliverance, prosperity, and other miracles. So this Anglican Church is a happy medium for me. I have struggled a bit with the more 'structured' aspect of the church but nonetheless it is a great church which preaches the Word of God to good people.

But not to deceive you, I don't attend the main service in the beautiful church pictured above. We have a teens service in this little shaded area. It's wonderful to have youth leading the service, praise and worship and even preaching. We also run a lot of our Word of Life programs in this little outdoor church. It's a great meeting place although last sunday it started to rain and got a bit windy so we all got a  little wet. 

I am thankful that I have found a church that I feel comfortable in, that feeds me, and I can feel like I have a community around me!

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