Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Lately, there has been this big pack of baboons strolling around our compound and they like hanging out right on the path to my room. Yesterday, I came home only to find them right in my way. I started trying to reason with them asking them to please move. Then I tried waving my hands and shooing them away. I ended up resorting to throwing things at them.

But they wouldn't budge. Not even a little flinch. 

They are scary creatures. I know they can be quite vicious. So I sat and I waited till they moved.

I think this is the mama or at least one of the mamas. I saw many lady baboons and only one male so I am thinking that he is a polygamist. 

This is the papa baboon. He's freaky. I had images of him attacking me and scratching my face off if I came to close to him. So I kept my distance and respected his personal body bubble. Eventually they did move and I was able to get back to my room.

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