Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fav moment of my day

I know this picture is terrible. I took it on my new phone that has a small camera in it that doesn't take the greatest pics but is handy when you don't have a camera with you. Anyways, this was my favourite moment of the day. We are having a two day camp off our Word of Life property this weekend. Today we went to go start setting up for the camp. When we arrived, we found out that they had booked over us. I guess they got a better deal (ie more money) and decided that we weren't as important. So we were shafted to pic another piece of the property to hold our camp. Trust me, it took all that we had not to open our mouths or throw up our fists to these people. But all things work for the good right?

Anyways, just as we were leaving to go home, we called over some local boys playing football. We had seen them yesterday and decided to bring them a new soccer ball since theirs was flat and worn out completely. My boss, Peter (standing in the picture), is really great at public speaking and capturing people's attention. So all the boys had their eyes glued on him as he did a 'mini crusade'. He got them all excited and encouraged them to keep going to school and studying. Most of them were Muslims, so he shared a little Jesus with them. In the end, he called up the coach of the team, who was a small boy with some sort of disability, and handed him the new soccer ball. The boys went crazy and got all excited. Then the coach proudly came over and shook our hands to seal the deal as if we had just done business with him. 

It was the perfect moment to end our not so perfect day. 

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