Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Word of life helicopter pad

Yesterday we were sitting in our hall waiting to go out swimming when we hear this loud helicopter circling above us. There is a landing strip just down the road from us so it's pretty normal to hear planes and helicopters around. But yesterday the noise just got louder and louder. All of a sudden the trees started blowing back and forth viciously and the next thing we new, there was a helicopter in the back yard. I guess it's strange as no one was expecting it and I am wondering why our back yard and not an actual landing pad. Someone explained to me that it happens on occasion when celebrities or maybe government leaders want to be sneaky and get away with no one knowing. There are a couple beautiful cottages right beside us that people rent out. We sat there waiting to see who got out. All we saw was luggage being unloaded and a kenyan, who we presumed was the pilot, step off the aircraft. It's a strange sight in our back yard but a little bit of excitement. It has landed here a couple times today and is parked in the back yard as I am typing this. Strange. 

I went to the chemist (pharmacy) yesterday to get some pain killers. I asked for the kind that I like and the lady gave me a box of 20 pills and she told me it was 150KES. I have learned that in most places, you don't need to buy the whole box, you can just buy as many pills as you want. So if you only want 10 pills, they will just take out 10 and give them to you. But as I was doing the math in my head, something didn't add up. One pill is 5KES and if there are 20 in a box then that should only total 100KES so why is she charging me 150KES? So I asked her and she told me, "Yes, but we have to charge you for the box." "You mean I have to pay 50KES just for the box? Can you just take the box off for me?" "Yes, I can do that." So she pulled out the pills, put them in a little enveloped, and threw the 50KES box in the trash. Strange. At least I was on top of things and realized I would have been cheated. 

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