Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hakuna Maji Leo

I woke up only to find that there is no water coming out of my pipes. Hakuna maji leo. There is no water today. It's not so surprising. This is Kenya after all although it's rare that our compound has no water. A few weeks ago we had so many guests that the water started running a bit dry but it didn't last too long.

However, as I woke up this morning and my toilet didn't flush it brought back memories of the dreaded mansion that I used to live in in Mombasa. There was only 2 girls, me and my partner, living in this house which was meant to house a large Indian family of 25. There were 8 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, a large living room, gigantic hallways and a tiny kitchen. As big as it was, it had problems to no end. One of the biggest problems was that it had no water. It had the pipes for the water and taps for water to come out but the particular water line it was attached to didn't have water running through it. We had to buy our water from big trucks. They would come fill up every water tank in the house, every bucket we had and even watered the garden for us. However, this cost us big time. It was about $50 every time we did this and it would last us only about 3 weeks. At some point, certain parts of the house would have water and others wouldn't. You would have to go from toilet to toilet to figure out which one would flush. We would bounce from shower to shower finding water. I remember at one point we had almost run completely out of water and the water truck wasn't suppose to come until morning so I stuck a bucket under every tap trying to drain out any drop of water I could just so I could have a bucket bath before I went to sleep. It was no fun.

Luckily, I had filled a bucket in my room yesterday of water to bathe in so I could at least flush my toilet. I went to the only tap in the compound that is producing water, and filled it again. Everyone is coming out of their rooms to use this tap. I talked to our maintenance guy who said that there was a leakage in one of the apartments which used up all the water. So the water should be flowin' again soon... I hope.

Otherwise life keeps a goin' on. Work is still slow as schools have yet to start up. In about 2 weeks we will be back to our crazy busy schedule. This week we are attending a seminar on conflict resolution in the evenings. It's a very relevant and timely topic for Kenyans. It should be interesting. My weekends are packed with social events which I am loving. I love my friends and the small community I have around me. My health is doing well. I am getting chewed by mosquitoes and I am not sure how to stop it unless I hide under my mosquito net every evening starting at 6pm or drench myself with mosquito repellent. They even chew through my clothes. I am trying with all my might not to itch them. I think I ate something funny this weekend so my tummy is a rumblin'-n- a-tumblin' today (which is not the perfect timing considering our compound has no water). My boss's brother died this weekend so we are mourning with him. It was a sudden death where the cause is not yet confirmed. This comes at a time when the family has been struggling with one of the sisters battling (and I mean fighting HARD) against leukaemia. On top of all this, God has placed an amazing project on my lap. I have been praying for it for quite a while now and He just sort of placed it in front of me last week. I am still praying over it and pursuing it. I will tell you about it when I have all the details.

This weekend, I attended a worship concert at my church. It was an anniversary concert of a local worship band here on the coast that many of my friends are members of. As I sat and listened to people praising my King, I just reflected on how content I am in Him at the moment. I am just so content in my own stillness. "Be still, and know that I am God" is becoming so real to me as I face my days. I am able to enjoy, worship, love, praise, talk, listen to God in my stillness. It doesn't mean that all is peachy keen in my life right now. I definitely have alot of ups and downs and uncertainties facing me at the moment, but I am learning to find peace in Him in the still moments of my days.

The countdown begins for my departure. I guess my mom has been counting down since the day I left home. She informed me that in only 75 more sleeps I will be home. Only 2 and a half more months for me then my feet will be firmly planted back on Canadian soil..well for a little while at least.

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