Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peeping Monkey

I was sitting in my office this afternoon doing some work and all of a sudden this little monkey head pops out from behind the curtains. At first, I though it was cute but then it hit me that there is now a monkey in my room. All I could think of is, "what if this monkey got tangled in my hair?" Ha, I know, it's a bit extreme but it could happen knowing how wired and hyper these monkeys are. I shooed the little guy away and he disappeared behind the curtain again. I moved the curtain to the side only to find that there was a small hole in the mosquito netting that the monkey was getting through. So I set up my webcam and waited for him to return. Being the peeping monkey that he is, he came back several times and tried to stick his little head in the hole.

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