Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pictures of the Rehma boys

This is a new project that God has so nicely placed in our laps. We have actually been praying for it for quite some time. Soccer is such an amazing way to empower youth and reach out to them. Here are a few pics of the boys and the community they come from. 

This is what the streets of Kongowea look like. There are some paved roads inside but this is what the walking paths are like. I don't think there is any proper garbage removal or sewage system so things just get dumped outside. It's gross. The worst is when it rains in Kongowea. All of a sudden gigantic puddles will form making it impossible to pass. The puddles are not just rain water, they are usually a sludge-like colour with all the dirt and oil in them. I have learned not to wear any fancy shoes while walking through Kongowea. 

Kids are everywhere playing in the dirt with each other. They are quite creative in finding fun games to play with the little objects they have. Of course, when they see me, they yell, 'Mzungu!Mzungu! How are you? how are you?' At first it's cute, then it gets annoying. But they sure are cute. 

Kongowea is known for it's market. If you want anything for really cheap, you just go to Ksongowea. 

Now some pics of the boys. This was half time at the game last sunday. I was in such delight. A lot of the boys weren't playing since they are Muslims and they were fasting. They didn't have any energy after not eating all day. There was another game later in the evening that they played after they broke the fast. 

This was at Monday night's practice. Notice the pitch is dirt. I have never played on a dirt pitch but I can't imagine it's too easy. 

We were fortunate to receive some balls from another organization. A good soccer ball is quite expensive here so you will often find teams that don't even have one to practice with. We were grateful that we received 15 free balls for these boys. It makes practice alot easier and more efficient when you have so many ball. 

Our goalie did a great job last sunday at our game. We ended up winning 1-0. 

Just a little glimpse into what has been happening with this project. I am trying to start up a separate blog for the project. I will let you know when I get it up! 

Please keep praying for these boys. They come from different backgrounds, religions, tribes, etc. Pray we can encourage and love them the way Christ does. Pray for sponsors so we can equip them with the proper attire for a team. And pray for their lives. God has promised even them a future and a hope!

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