Thursday, September 2, 2010


... of Kenyans own computers.

The 2009 national census came out a few days ago and some the facts were very interesting. I am still trying to find the official stats online but they aren't posted anywhere just yet. I just thought to myself of how I am never really interested stats about Canada. But Kenyan stats interest me to no end. It's the same with Kenyan news. If there was a Kenyan newspaper and a Canadian newspaper in front of me, I would most likely pick up the Kenyan one first.

Anyways some of the stats really fascinated me. Like 3.6% of Kenyans have a computer. In Canada, it's rare to find anyone who doesn't own their own computer or have at least one in their house that the whole family uses. I think my family has 4 computers.

63.2% of Kenyans have cell phones. This was one thing that shocked my dad when he visited last year. We would walk through a slum where the houses were made of sticks and mud but everyone would have a cell phone in their hands. I also find that cell phone service is much better in Kenya. I remember being in the middle of no where once where there was no electricity, running water, roads, houses made of anything other than mud yet I could clearly hear and talk to my dad who called me from Canada. Back in Castlegar, you travel 5 minutes up the mountain and you have no bars.

30% of Kenyans have piped water as in they get water right from the taps in their houses. Surprising? Have you ever heard of a house in Canada that doesn't have running water? It's common here especially on the coast where most of the water is salty. Even our water here at Word of Life is salty so we go collect drinking water from a tap that is filtered by the city. If you don't have water, it means you have to buy water from someone and it can get expensive. Let's be thankful Canada has unlimited water coming straight to our houses!

4.3 million Kenyans are Muslims. The Muslim population seems to be growing rapidly. It still hasn't overtaken the Christians (and those affiliated like Catholics and certain cults) but this country is no longer %80 Christian like they claim to be. I was on the ferry the other day and as I looked around me, every lady near me was a Muslim. I listen to prayers from local mosques that last for hours since now it is Ramadan. Some of my favourite restaurants have closed for the month. Islam is growing. Fast.

Kenya's Population is about 39 million which is greater than Canada's which is around 34 million. However, when you think about how vast Canada is compared to Kenya, it's a lot of people squished into a small space.

The most controversial statistics were the population of tribes in Kenya. There has been a lot of debate of  whether they should have even done this particular stat with so much bitterness that still lingers between tribes. At first I thought that there would be no problem with it and that it is a nice way to look at Kenya's culture but as I have been reading more and more, it seems to be the only part of the census that people really care about. The Kikuyu tribe is dominating with 6.6 million members. Then they are followed by the Luhya and the Kalenjins. But the surprising statistic is that the Luo tribe has dropped in numbers and is now the 4th largest tribe in Kenya with 4.4 million members. A few years ago, it was the Kikuyus and the Luos who were fighting and causing chaos in the country. Now the Kikuyus have an advantage. I just pray that these numbers remain to be just that: numbers and that they don't affect the hearts of Kenyans.

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