Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yay Daddy!

I am such a daddy's girl. I love my daddy. And I am not embarrassed to call him 'daddy' either. 

Anyways, my daddy successfully completed the Adventure Race that benefits Canuck Place which is a children's hospital in Vancouver, B.C. He was able to raise $1000 for this great cause. 

We got news that a boy in our community passed away a few weeks ago. We were in the same school with him. He was in a few of my classes and my dad was his principal for most of his school life. Since I can remember, he had been in and out of the children's hospital with some sort of condition that I can't remember now. After he passed away, it just really made the cause hit home. Dad told me they were able to raise $200,000 in total. Yay God! 

Here is my daddy finishing the race. He said that he felt good the entire time. He was healthy and strong and was one of the leaders until he got to the running portion when his knee popped again. He said he expected it. But in true Kere MacGregor style, he pushed on and finished the race. Way to go daddy! 

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