Friday, January 28, 2011


I had a friend drop off a whole bunch of her old soccer socks at my house last night. I was amazed to find that half of them had not even been used yet! Because they are relatively small, (so they don't take up too much room in my luggage) I have started collecting some for the Rehma boys. So if you have an old pair of soccer socks, please drop them at my place. OK, I guess I should clarify that I don't want just any soccer socks. I want ones that look almost new. I don't want holes or worn out socks.

Speaking of the Rehma boys, I am so excited to see how the people around me have pulled together for these boys. We almost have all their equipment! Amazing! We have a local grad class that has made their jerseys for them. I have a friend collecting money for cleats at his work. Then I had some people give individually which helped us to purchase practice equipment, enrol in a league and play some local games, and have a few outings as a team!

I can't wait to get the boys all dressed up in their new gear!

Pray with us as we go forward with them. We are currently looking for some people to sponsor a couple of the boys to go to school. A couple of them are just so hungry to get to school but are not able to because they just don't have the money. A few of them are in their late teens and have only gone up to gr. 8. Some of them have finished high school but weren't able to get employment or go to university so they have tried starting up their own businesses. Let's just say that they don't quite understand how business works. We want to get them trained with practical business skills.  I have been looking into some business programs as well as some other more practical training courses.

We are also hoping to hold a big soccer camp over the holidays in August. Our boys would be the leaders and we would invite all the local kids to come and enjoy a week of soccer.

So we have lots of ideas. In the meantime, we are still spending everyday with them at the pitch, just showing them the love of Jesus!

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