Thursday, January 6, 2011

You make me strong

This verse has been running through my head every second of the day it seems. Two days ago, I opened my bible (the message version) to one of my fav psalms (psalm 18). I read the first verse and I was done. I didn't even read anymore. That was enough for me. That's what I needed to get me through. 

My grandfather passed away two nights ago. 

He had been in the hospital since before I left Kenya. He had an aneurism that burst and he miraculously survived. But as he spent the past 2 and a half months in the ICU, his body seemed to go up and down. He made huge improvements but also had many set backs. Finally on Monday night, he decided that he was done. 

It has hit our family hard. He was the last male/paternal figure in our family. And over the past few days we have realized what an impact he had in our little community. My mother was definitely a daddy's girl so she is struggling the most. 

I will miss my Deda. I didn't realize how much. I was looking forward to him being at my wedding or seeing my children. I wanted more time with him. I am not sure where he is. We had a lot of great talks about Jesus so I hope that Jesus took him home and that he is rejoicing in his new body. 

Pray for our family. We need it. 

I love you God, you make me strong. 

The last picture of me and Deda before I left for Kenya last year. 

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