Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorting through my inbox...

I have started to go through the hundreds of emails in my inbox. Ok, they are not all in my inbox. I do have other folders that I keep them in that are labeled things like "Family", "Africa 2007", "Funny". Over the past few years, I have sorted my emails into these folders but have forgotten really whats in them. Some of my emails could have fallen under several categories. Like if my brother sent me a joke I could have put it under "Family" or "Funny". At the time, I probably just picked one and said to myself that I would organize it all one day.

Well that day has come. I am sorting through all my emails in all my folders. I am amazed at how many pointless emails I kept thinking that one day I would just love to read through them again. There are definitely some really precious ones that I am keeping and some with some great information that I could use in the future but for the most part, I have no sentimental or emotional attachment to any of them. I really don't know what I was thinking when I decided to keep them.

So I am purging most of them. And it feels so good! I am taking advantage of unlimited high speed internet while I can because I know that I won't have that luxury for a while (unless Kenya miraculously discovers high speed internet).

I am looking forward to clean inbox!

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