Sunday, January 22, 2012


We finally went for our honeymoon! Since my family was here for a week after the wedding, we decided to postpone the honeymoon. Plus, December is high season and rates drastically drop in mid January. So finally, this weekend, we went for a honeymoon. 

The advantage of living in Mombasa is that we really don't have to go far to find some luxurious resort to honeymoon at. This place, Boko Boko, was maybe a half an hour drive from our house. Can't beat that. 

For my honeymoon, I didn't want to do a beach resort. I wanted a small cottage in the woods. We had looked into a place on the other side of the country in a large forest, but the drive there and the price of the place just wasn't what we wanted. I happened to stumble across this place online and loved it. It's not on the beach but the owner has created a little jungle with little huts inside. 

It is owned and run by a lady and her daughter from Seychelles. 

It was so lush inside!! 

 It has some funny cultural touches.

 We got this little, secluded cottage for ourselves. The inside was huge!! We were amazed.
 We had our own private patio where they served us food.
 And a pool! We were the only guests that weekend so we had the whole place to ourselves. 

 Kelvin is not a water baby like I am. He came in for about 3 minutes, got water up his nose, and called it quits. I just admired the beautiful surroundings and sat dangling my feet in the pool. 

On their website, we were told there were crocodiles and tortoises. I didn't really understand what they meant. I got there and couldn't see any crocodiles anywhere. Then one of the staff escorted us to their habitat (which happened to be directly behind our cottage). Seven huge crocodiles!

We even got to watch them being fed cow intestines dipped in blood. Yummy. 
Then the crazy caretaker jumped in to collect the remains!! He told us that the next day he was going to actually clean out the pond that they were swimming in while they were still in it. Scary!

 And then they had 3 gigantic tortoises. They totally freaked me out. They were about 200 years old and were brought to Kenya from Seychelles. Kelvin loved them.

 It took me a bit of warming up to get that close to them.

 The whole place had the most amazing butterflies! They fluttered all over the place amongst the jungle.

 We spent hours on our private little patio. I found an awesome book on my kindle while Kelvin looked up soccer stuff on his phone. So peaceful and perfect. 

We had such a relaxing time. We ate like royalty (who know the Seychelles have such good food!) and relaxing the quiet. 

Now back to reality! 

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