Monday, January 9, 2012

I am resolving to....

I have never been one to make new year resolutions. I actually can't think of any that I have made...ever. So this year I didn't even bother thinking about it. Actually our new years celebrations included moving into our new apartment and passing out at 9:30pm with ear plugs in (so I couldn't hear any noise from the local pubs). However, there have been a few things rolling through my mind and that have been really pressed upon my heart to pursue this year. There are not so much tangible things (like lose 20lbs by the end of Jan) but are more lifestyle changes.

So here it goes.

1. Be a wife. I don't think I know what that all entails. I know I will make mistakes. I know that I will not be very 'wifey' sometimes. But I want to do the best that I can and figure out how this marriage thing is to work. Being less than 3 weeks married, Kelvin and I are just barely scratching the surface of married life. It's a big shift going from singledom (or being a spinster as my marriage license stated that I was) to the married world. I guess I just wanna keep my eyes focused on Jesus, submit to my husband, be the best helper and homemaker that I can be, and LOVE the Kelvinator with all that is in me.

2. Support my friends and family. I am not sure where this came from but right after the wedding, I felt a strong prompting to start focusing on the people around me. Over the years, I have had so many people support me. That doesn't just mean financially. But just 'being there' for me. Now, I want to 'be there' for my family and friends. I want to open my home to people who need a good chat, a free meal, a family atmosphere, or just a bed to sleep on. I want to attend funerals, graduations, birthday parties, and other events (like my friend Christine Ndela's listening party - will explain at the end). I want people to call me if they need help moving. I want to watch football games of our boys and visit their families and schools. I just want to 'be there' for the people in my life.

Last weekend we went to our good friend's, Senior, concert. He has a wonderful worship band and put on a worship session on January 1st. Once he realized we were there (as it is a shock for anyone to see us as everyone thinks we are 'busy' all the time), he was humbled. He even announced that we were there and asked Kelvin to come up and do the final prayer.

On Saturday we went to a funeral of one of the tenants in Kelvin's house. This particular lady was faithful in greeting me from her kiosk every time I walked through Kongowea. Unfortunately she died suddenly in her room last week and the funeral was on saturday. This wasn't my first choice of plans for the day (it was a beautiful day and we wanted to rent a car and drive around a little) but we felt we had to go. However, when we arrived, we were told that the burial happened 3 hours earlier than they thought it would so we missed the whole thing and she was already buried. Its practically unheard of that anything happens earlier than planned here in Africa.

And then yesterday we attend our good friend's, Christine Ndela, listening party. She is a famous musician here in Kenya and has just recorded her 2nd album. She gathered together her closest family and friends to preview the songs before she did the final editing for the album. She did a mini interview, sang a beautiful hymn and then let us listen to her album. Afterwards we celebrated with fresh mango juice, cake, and samosas. Can't wait to get a copy of that CD!

(Sorry about the dark lighting. I was too lazy to get up and find a good angle)
Our friend, Munga, did a little interview with her before we started listening to her music. It was wonderful to hear her heart and then journey it was to make this album. 

She gave us all these sheets to fill out as we listened to each song. We were to encourage her, give comments or critiques, and tell her what our honest opinions. I love that she sought the opinions and counsel of her close friends and family....although I didn't really understand any of the songs since they were all in swahili. I did my best. 
Can't wait for her to have her big album launch in a couple months! 

3. Bring Jesus into the centre of everything I do. A friend of mine posted this article on facebook just before new years. It really got me thinking. I am definitely one of these people that prioritize my life as 1. Jesus 2. Kelvin 3. Family 4. Work etc etc. And that is not bad but I find that often I put Jesus first yet don't know how to make Him the centre of everything else. What does it look like to put Jesus first in my home? Work? Marriage? I, especially, am good at reading, studying, preaching the bible. I have been in 'ministry' for a few years now. Yet, I struggle to bring Jesus into the other areas of my life. Or maybe I just don't what that looks like (maybe I am doing it). But that is my focus this year - to put Him at the centre. This year Kelvin and I will be working (yes, more of that venture later) and I want Jesus to work in and through me as we work. Yes, folks, a little new for me. I want Jesus to manifested in our workplace, in our daily chores, in our conversations, and in the small, seemingly mundane areas of our lives.

So now that these things are on the big wide web, I guess I am a little more accountable to them. I know I will fall sometimes. Yet I am excited to see His kingdom grow in and around me!

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