Monday, January 2, 2012

Mom and Kasondra in Ilula

One of the things I HAD to do was take Mom to my most favourite place on earth: Ilula! This is where I started over 6 years ago and has become a treasure to me. Mom has heard countless stories and seen hours of video of this place. My dad went when he was here a couple years ago, so now it was Mom's turn to see my 'home' here in Kenya. 

Oh yah, and Kasondra got to come along too!!

Waiting to leave Nairobi. I messed up Kasondra's flight time the night before and thought that she had come out of the gate and got lost. Mom and I frantically raced around the airport looking for her. (I read her itinerary wrong. I though 20:45 was 10:45 when it is actually 8:45 - good thing my friend who was driving us decided we needed to be there early). I ended up asking some older gentleman, who had come through the gate, if he had seen my friend. He goes, "Ah yes, the really tall one? She is still in there." Phew!
Always love when they welcome us. Mom was in tears....Not surprising. 

I was so proud of Kasondra. She jumped right in a helped out wherever she could. It didn't take long for her to fit right in. She would wander off for hours and totally enjoy herself. 

The children's home has started a new passionfruit project which will hopefully gain an income for them. My mom spent 4 hours pruning the fruits with the kids. 

My sponsor child Valentine. How blessed am I that I get to be apart of my sponsor child's life?! 

Kasondra fit right in playing basketball with the kids. (Her and I used to play basketball regionally when we were in high school).

Ok, my favourite part of going to Ilula these days is GIRL TALK! The girls are now in high school and quite the amazing young ladies. I LOVE listening to all their great stories from their adventures at school and at home. I am so proud of them. Some of them have experienced some crazy things but have stuck to their guns! 

Isn't she gorgeous!?

My mom and my kenyan 'mom' walking to the shamba. 

Eva tending to the shamba.

"Ah mzungu! She's actually shaking my hand!"

Mom tried to milk the cow. As you can see, the cow was not impressed and would not allow Mom to do it. 


Yep, she fit right in. Her and Apollo (middle) got along great! 

Sometimes I wish I could pick this girl up and take her with me wherever I go. I just adore her. We have the most precious talks when I see her. 

Our 3 nights there were so fulfilling. Mom was so moved to see the people who have taken care of me all these years. She loved the environment (it actually surprised me how much she loved all the plants and gardens). Next time I will get to bring my husband to meet everyone! 

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