Sunday, January 22, 2012

Like father, like son?

Kelvin and one of our boys, Lamlo, watching the game. Kelvin's influence extends to standing postures! Haha. I just thought it was a cute sight. 

 But I loved this picture! You see those papers in Kelvin's hands? Those are Lamlo's clinic card, ID of his guardian, and death certificate of his guardian! Can I tell you why this is so exciting? 

Well this year, Kelvin made it mandatory that all the boys have their birth certificates and IDs in order for them to play on the team. He wanted to push them to take initiative and get their lives in order. Plus, we want to play in some bigger leagues that require that each player has an ID of some sort. Now Lamlo is an orphan. He has no family members. His parents died a while ago and he is an only child. He somehow made it to Mombasa from his home across the country and manages to makes a small living for himself. However, when we told him that he needed an ID, he told us he wouldn't be able to get it. He doesn't have any of his own documents or even his parents death certificates. The best we could think of was that he could travel upcountry to meet with the chief of the area that he came from and see if he could vouch for him. We were prepared to pay his expenses as we know how much he wanted this. 

However, on wednesday he surprised Kelvin with all his documents! I guess he had been running up and about, missing practice, trying to get his stuff in order!! It was so awesome to see him take initiative and get his life in order. This ID doesn't just get him on the team but allows him to vote, get a job, go to school, etc. Its kinda a big deal! 

So the next day Kelvin took the application form to him (we actually keep copies of the form with us because we hand so many out). I am excited to see his ID! 

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