Monday, February 13, 2012

Check out the newest hairdresser on the block!

I was working in the office last week when my sweet friend, Saumu, came in to visit me. Her and I have become good friend in the last year ever since we surprised her and her husband, who is on our team, with a whole bunch of goodies for their newborn baby. Since then, she comes to games and brings along the baby (which they have nicnamed Nikole) and we chat away watching the boys play. 

Anyways, her husband has approached Kelvin numerous times asking if we could put his wife into hairdressing school. He just can't come up with the money to do it himself. Kelvin has denied him every time since our main focus has been just the boys on the team. But when she sought me out at the office and asked if we could assist her, I seriously considered it. Kelvin and I had sort of resolved not to sponsor any more people this year since we are tired of finding sponsors and some of the boys have been disappointing. So I really asked God about sponsoring her. Kelvin sat with her husband and talked things through. The four of us finally decided to work together and put her into hairdressing school. We have decided to work with her husband in helping to pay her transport to school and back along with paying her school fees. Her husband has agreed to secretly save money with us so that he can help her start a small salon when she finishes. She has promised to work hard and learn the best she can.

Today, her and I went to town early to buy some supplies that she needed. She is not going to a normal school but is working and learning under a lady. After meeting with the lady last week, I think the set up is awesome. Saumu is going to get some awesome one-on-one teaching from this lady for the next few months. 

 We had to buy her this dummy head so she can start learning to braid (or plate as they say here). 

Saumu was absolutely giddy upon starting today. She had big smiles and tons of giggles. I can tell this is a really good fit for her. Plus I will get free hair cuts for the rest of my life!!!

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