Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crying over beans.

I have just finished the ugly cry. I am sure my mascara is smooshed all over my face right now as I type this.

I was boiling beans. And I forgot about them. And they burnt. Terribly....I mean terribly. They are not even salvageable. I don't think I will even get the pot back to normal. It burnt bad too.

I smelt something and it clicked that I had neglected to check on my beans. It was too late. So much smoke.

Then came the ugly cry. I think it was a mixture of so many feelings. I feel like I have failed in the cooking department. The price of things in Kenya has been really tough lately. I have been worrying about it too much. So the fact that I just burnt 75cents worth of beans and wasted all my gas boiling for the last 2 hours made me feel like I am going broke. Now everything smells. Yuck. AND I have to now figure out what to eat for supper. Good thing we have lots of cake leftover from Kelvin's birthday. Tea, bread, and cake it is.

I think I am done crying over my burnt beans.

On the bright side, I get to watch Modern Family tonight. It just started showing on a local channel here. yippee!

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