Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rehma Ladies!

In November last year, I started getting a pea size heart to start a ladies group in Kongowea. We work with boys and although I love them dearly, I have a bigger heart for ladies. God knows my heart for girls and yet, for some reason, he plopped a big team of young men in front of me and said, "Here, I need you to do this for me right now." So I did. And I am so happy I obeyed. 

Like I was saying, in november I was getting visions of starting a ladies group in Kongowea. I was trying to imagine what it would look like. At the time, we didn't have the space or the funding to do it. I also didn't have the connections with ladies that I thought I needed to start. But I started to pray and ask God to direct me as He wishes. 

Now, February 25th, we are having our first girls meeting! We have the space, the funds, and the ladies (well, I think we do). 

To be honest, I am nervous. Extremely nervous. Below is a picture of the tiny (rather pathetic) flyer I made and printed off for Kelvin to hand out to ladies he knows. The past week he has been connecting with people he knows to spread the news. I actually don't know how many ladies will show up, if any at all. I was also suppose to have 3 of my friends come and help me run this meeting. I wanted to start last weekend but none of them were available. I set my heart of this week only to find out that still none of them are available. I knew I couldn't postpone it anymore. I have to step out in faith and do it myself. I am flying solo today. I can't even call on Kelvin since it is a ladies group, no men allowed. 

This is a big leap of faith on my part. I really don't like looking like a fool. In fact, humility is one thing I really struggle with. My fear is that this will be a big flop but I am choosing to replace my fear with faith.  I have read of stories of friends who have stepped out in faith with a small idea and vision from God. Whether they started out with a a small mat and a kid's story book or by issuing a little flyer like mine, they started somewhere. And it turned out beautiful. 

I still don't know what I will really do with the girls every week nor do I really know what I want to accomplish with them. I have so many desires for these young women. I want them to know how loved they are, I want them to know their true worth, I want them to have an attitude of "I can!", I want them to think outside the box and experience life outside of Kongowea, I want them to love themselves and the people around them, I want them to know Jesus, I want them to be  empowered, I want them to go for their dreams, I want them to find loving husbands and be wonderful wives, I want them to work hard and be accountable to one another. And the list goes on. I want a lot of things for them. And I don't really know how it will all happen. 

But I do know that I have a God who has a big plan for them. And I trust Him. 

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