Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday my Beloved Hubby!

On saturday, February 11th, my husband celebrated his 27th birthday. In all his years on earth, he had never had a birthday party. So I decided it was about time we celebrated. 

 Eddah had a hard time blowing up the balloons so she found the ball bump pretty handy

 I love him

 The guys just chillin' out. The entire team had come to celebrate but left early since Manchester United was playing. 
 Happy Birthday to YOU!

 My friend Paulina made the best cake! A little soccer pitch! And it was delicious.
 It was a good excuse to have all of Kelvin's family together. They all live in Mombasa yet they barely see each other. I personally love being around them. I only grew up with one brother so its nice to have so many siblings (especially girls) in my family. 

This is our cousin's kid, Nancy. She would only eat cake and nothing else. 

Happy birthday kelvinator!

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