Thursday, February 23, 2012

Uncomfortable Heat and Peeing the Bed

Mombasa has hit the uncomfortable zone. We are in the peak of the hot season. Right now, just the thought of putting on long pants makes me squirm. I prefer to stay in my house as much as I can so that I can lay around in my short shorts and a tank top. You can't step outside without acquiring the dreaded sweat moustache. 

The fan is constantly on high in my house. It's pretty much unbearable without it. The problem comes in when the power goes out. Which is what happened last night. 

The second the power went out and the fan turned off, I woke up noticing an instant increase in the temperature. I tried to fall back asleep but I was just too hot. I thought about opening the door to my deck and risk letting all the mosquitos in just so that I could catch a breeze, but I wasn't willing to suffer through malaria in this heat. I got up and went to get a small towel. I soaked the small towel in water and came back to bed. I spread the wet towel out over my legs hoping to drop my body temperature. It worked for a while. Then I got up again to wet it again. I must have gotten up 9 times just to keep myself cool. I barely got any sleep. 

As Kelvin and I were having breakfast this morning, I asked him if he slept alright. He told me he slept just fine. I began to explain to him that I barely slept cause it was so hot. He then budded in, "yah I know. I heard you every time you got up. You even susued (peed) the bed." 

"What!? I did not susu. I haven't peed the bed since I was a tiny girl." 

"Well, I reached over and saw that your side of the bed was all wet. Are you sure you didn't susu?"  

"Yes I am sure!! It was just the wet towel that must have gotten the bed a bit wet. Besides, if I had susued the bed, why didn't you do anything about it? you are just ok sleeping in a bed that has been susued in?" 

"Yah, its ok with me. Its just you. I don't mind. Plus susu at night doesn't smell." 

"What!? Where did you get that information from? It smells the same as in the day." 

"No it doesn't. That's just a fact."

I giggled at my husband. He comes up with some crazy things sometimes. But that's why I love him. If he had peed the bed, I would wake him up, pull off the sheets, put the in the washing machine right away, take the mattress and put it outside to air out, put down our guest mattress and sleep the rest of the night on it. I couldn't sleep on a bed that was full of fresh pee. 

Now you have a small glimpse of my daily life. Fascinating? 

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