Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Road trip to Malindi

On friday, Kelvin was blessed with a car. No, not our own car, but someone lent us a car for the weekend. Not only that, the car was fueled and this 'someone' gave us a little money to go spend on ourselves. I know, it's crazy. But God is good and loves to treat His children. 

Kelvin and I love when we can have a car. It gives us so much freedom to explore, hang out together, relax, etc. It's expensive to hire a car so we don't do it often. 

On Sunday, we decided to take a road trip to Malindi and explore all the places that we can't if we take public transport. I was also elated to spend a whole day with my husband, just the two of us. Between work, the boys, church, and other life stuff, it's getting harder just to spend an afternoon together. So I was giddy just to be the two of us for a whole day. 

We set out in the morning and went to have my favourite breakfast, mbazi  and mahambri, and then made our way up the coast. Once you get outside of Mombasa, the coast turns lush and beautiful. We passed miles of sisal plantations. 

Our sweet little ride for the day. Cute and perky. 

We first stopped in Kilifi, a place I had driven through once on a matatu. Kelvin took me along the beach as passed gorgeous mansions and villas. We stopped to have a small look at the ocean. The water looked like glass. 

We then reached Malindi, a small Italian infested town. Many of Kelvin's relatives live here. We stopped to sit with one of his cousins who own a little souvenir shop at the beach. 

Bright colours! 

We splurged on a yummy lunch. I had steak and passion fruit juice. Kelvin ate pork chops.

Our cute little ride enjoying the view of the ocean as we ate. 

After a wonderful day of exploring, eating, visiting family, and driving, he headed back home. 

We are now totally praying for a car. I love having the freedom. I also love not being heckled everywhere I go. With a car, I don't have to encounter so many people who want to bug the white girl. It's such a relief for me. Now, we are going to start saving our pennies to get ourselves a sweet ride. 

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