Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Chatting with my brother on facebook just now and he mentions that my finances don't add up. Of course, only my brother (who is currently in the midst of becoming a Chartered Accountant) would actually sit and calculate my percentages. How many of you just read through it trusting that my numbers were correct? I wouldn't have even bothered counting it up if I were you. Obviously I didn't.

 My brother also mentioned that .3% of 1 million is 3,000 as if trying to show me that it is indeed a big deal.

In my case, .3% is roughly $6. I know that goes a long way here in Kenya. I figure what I did was round up and down my percentages wrong. I didn't want to give you figures like 2.0498793843%

So please forgive me for the missing .3%. It's there, somewhere, I promise. I used it for good.

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