Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Power Outage Ranting

Power outages are the norm here. I don't understand why they are so frequent and unexpected but they are. Sometimes they go out for brief periods and sometimes they go out all day. If the power was to go out for a whole day at home, you bet that we would have plenty of notice to arrange and prepare ourselves. At times Kenya Power publishes it in the newspaper that they will have power rationing or outages in certain areas on certain days but I find even those reports to be unreliable. They will tell you that 'Bamburi' will be out of power on this day at this time. Bamburi is a big place and it is not all on one power line so its unlikely that ALL of Bamburi will have a power outage. In our old apartments, sometimes your power would be out but the people above you would have power. It's frustrating.

I have become used to it but today, I am really struggling with it.

It went out at 9 this morning and I had a bad feeling that it was going to be out all day. Sure enough, 3 and a half LONG hours later and it is still out. Meanwhile my fridge is melting and everything in my freezer is de-thawing. I have used the little bit of battery I have left on my computer to charge my kindle and write this blog. But can I tell you the worst part of it!? It's ridiculously hot...

It's uncomfortably hot. I was laying on the couch sweating profusely. Don't think about having a shower or wetting your hair, it only makes you hotter in this humidity. Now I am craving some cold water but my fridge is only giving me warm water. I have a headache from the heat. I don't feel like moving or doing anything. I am bored. I don't even want to snuggle with my cat since i know she will just heat me up with her fur.

So I am getting out. I am heading down to the nearest cafe that is air conditioned and has a generator (just in case their power goes out) to sit, have a cool drink, and read. I am actually wearing shorts and a tank top too.

Thanks Kenya Power and Mombasa heat.

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