Friday, March 23, 2012

Kelvin's Radio Debut

Sorry for the little blog silence. I'd be lying if I said I have been busy. I have just not been motivated to blog. I got some new movies and have been watching a movie or two a day. Then its just been so hot that I feel like a slug. And my back has spasmed out and I am now laying helplessly on my couch in so much pain. But don't feel bad for me, I am having a great week! 

Anyways, on Sunday Kelvin got to make his debut on the local radio station. Our good friend, O'neal, is the DJ for the station on the weeks and hosts the show with another guy. They wanted to bring Kelvin in to talk about Soccer on the coast. Soccer here in Mombasa is lacking compared to the rest of Kenya so they wanted to discuss why that is. Kelvin was a bit shy at first but once he got talkin', he loosened up a bit and had a vibrant discussion. 

Radio stations fascinate me. I realized it actually is quite lonely even though you don't get that impression because so many people tune it. But really, it is just two guys who sit in a room together, talk back and forth for hours, and play music. 

I got to be silent and sit behind. They spoke really fast swahili so I didn't pick up very much of their conversation. 

So cool watching how he mixes all the music!

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