Friday, March 30, 2012

The way He places people in our lives...

Today I am thankful for the many people in my life and the way they bless me.

When I think about these people and how they came into my life and the relationships we have, I am amazed at the way God orchestrates our life.

Currently, two of my friends are donating to our youth as their 'party favours' for their wedding. These two ladies (and their future husbands) are sweet sweet friends to me and am so thankful that they have me in their minds as they plan their weddings. One of them entered my life in Gr.2 when I became best friends with her sister. The second one went to church with me, played basketball in some of the same camps as me, and is the cousin of one of my best friends. A darling girl who I adore.

On Wednesday, Kelvin and I are skyping a youth group that is considering sponsoring us. Two years ago, a friend from my church in Vancouver came to Kenya on a missions try. She took time to visit me in Mombasa and brought along some of her friends. One of these friends came back to Kenya last summer and came to see us. Now, he has been getting his youth group at home hooked on missions and is asking the leadership to sponsor us. Um, only God can orchestrate something like.

Finally, I had the most delightful evening with my two neighbours. Kelvin was the one who decided that we would move to this area. I didn't want to at the time. I didn't really know this area very well. The more I stay here, the more I am thankful for Kelvin's wisdom. Over the last year, I have made two good friends. These two ladies actually go to the same church as me but, because we live in the same neighbourhood, we get together often. We all stay at home (or work from home) so we are available at the same time. We all love eating sweet things and talking. We all like swimming, which is what we did this evening.

A friend of ours is in the management of a local hotel (another way God orchestrates our relationships) and he is gracious enough to let us swim (for free) for a few hours in the evening. I can't tell you how refreshing it is in this heat!!! So this evening, Eddah (neighbour #1) and I swam until Ndeal (neighbour #2) showed up with a photographer who was doing a photo shoot for her. Eddah and I  giggled and laughed as we held lighting props. The photographer shot a couple of us too. Some music in the hotel made for a good time showing off our various dance moves. The evening ended with the 3 of us sitting with the photographer and praying for the different needs in our lives. It was a great evening!

SO tonight, I am going to bed thankful for the way God moves people into my life.

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